New York’s New Family Leave is a Huge Win for All Caregivers

new york skyline

The state of New York has announced its new family leave program, which will allow employees to take necessary family leave without having to worry about losing their job or not getting paid. Thanks to these new regulations, up to 750,000 new parents and caregivers could have the ability to provide the essential care for their family that they could not previously. The program will officially begin in January of next year and employees will be able to take up to eight weeks of paid family leave.

Through the program, employees will still be earning 50 percent of their salary during the entirety of their leave. These benefits will expand over time, with employees being able to take 10 weeks leave starting in 2019 and up to 12 weeks by 2021. Similarly, workers will be compensated 55 percent of their weekly wage by 2019, 60 percent by 2020, and 67 percent by 2021. As far as new employees are concerned, those who work 20…

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