Photo Shows The Major Sunscreen Mistake You’re Probably Making

mother putting sunscreen on toddler boy

You’re likely not protecting this one key area enough.

When it comes to sun safety, you probably already know that baby’s thin, fragile skin needs a little extra protection. If baby is rocking some cool UVA/UVB-proofed shades, a wide-brimmed hat and lightweight clothing that covers up their body, you’re already ahead of the game. When it comes to applying sunscreen, though, it turns out we all need a refresher course on how to apply SPF for maximum protection.

A new study is shining light on the fact that most people don’t apply enough sunscreen on one of the most sensitive parts of the face: the eye area. According to researchers at the University of Liverpool in England, people leave about 10 percent of their face uncovered on average. Their ultraviolet-sensitive camera showed the most missed areas included spots between the eyes and nose bridge and eyelids. Besides some gnarly sunburns, these spots you’re missing could have implications down the line; the eyelids are where 5 to 10…

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