Pregnancy with Multiples

Pregnant woman with two ultrasound scans of twins resting on her belly

Being pregnant with multiples means you will have two, three, or more babies at once. Twins are the most common set of multiples. Your multiples can be identical. This means the babies are conceived from the same egg. Identical babies look alike, are the same gender, and have matching DNA. Or your multiples can be fraternal. This means the babies are conceived in separate eggs at the same time. Fraternal babies may or may not look alike and can be different genders. If you have a multiple of three or more, you can have a mix of identical and fraternal babies.

Path to improved health

Pregnancies with multiples have become more common. There are three major factors that can increase your chance of multiples. The first is if it runs in your or your spouse’s family. The second is if you are over the age of 30. The third is if you get pregnant from fertility treatment. This includes medicine and/or procedures. In vitro fertilization (IVF)…

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