Professional Potty Training Isn’t Just Shits and Giggles

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For parents who’ve done it pro-bono, the idea of paying for a professional potty-trainer could seem ridiculous. But Samantha Allen, who incorporated NYC Potty Training in June 2014, says business is booming. With a day rate of $2,000 and bookings about four to six times a week (plus phone and text sessions for $600), her pre-tax income is likely substantial. Do the math yourself, and you’ll come up with figure that could inspire a career (or pants) change.

Professional potty training services are nothing new. There’s the Potty Training Academy in the UK (consider it the Oxford of poop schools), the traveling toilet consultant at Successful Potty Training, and the “Potty Whisperer,” who has been running “booty camps” in Chicago for years. But with an undefeated record of training all of its toddling clients in under two days (and some in under two hours), NYC Potty Training stands out. Allen spoke with Fatherly about how she got her start in the potty training game, and how she rose to become a big fish in a tiny toilet.

Samantha Allen, founder of NYC Potty Training

Samantha Allen, founder of

How did you get your start in professional potty training?

I’ve been individualizing instruction for children with special needs for 15 years. I worked with children on all skills, including toilet training, and when families and classroom teachers saw that I was able to potty train kids in one day, they started referring other parents to me for help. I saw that so many people struggle with potty training and that support just wasn’t out there for them.

How do people respond when you tell them you’re a professional potty trainer?

Everyone was surprised, no one had heard of a professional potty trainer before I launched NYC Potty Training. Some balked at the concept—but more people asked where…

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