Should You Go To The Hospital If You’re Dehydrated While Pregnant? Here’s What OB-GYNs Have To Say

Summer is in full swing, and depending on where you live, the heat may be becoming nearly unbearable. While everyone should be mindful about the risk of dehydration in the summer months, the condition can be particularly scary for pregnant women. If you’re feeling your body tell you it’s dangerously low on fluids, what should you do? Should you go to the hospital if you’re dehydrated while pregnant?

Not necessarily, says Dallas OB-GYN Sheila Chhutani. In an interview with Romper, Chhutani says, “As long as you can hydrate yourself orally, then you can stay home and hydrate. If you have been sweating a lot, it is important to replace electrolytes as well as water. Diluting juice, low calorie sports drinks, or electrolyte tabs in water will help you do that. If you are nauseated and vomiting and can’t keep anything down orally, you should go call your healthcare provider.”

So how exactly do you know if…

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