Slow Down and Savor Summer With Your Soon-To-Be-Kindergartner

Father cooks dinner while holding his daughter in one arm and holding a frying pan over the heat with his other hand. Both looking at the dinner cooking.

If the littlest is off to kindergarten in the fall, the last few weeks of summer will be bittersweet. All too soon you’ll be hugging just a little longer than usual, taking a deep breath, finding some encouraging words, and watching that little backpack go bouncing into the classroom.

Parenting young kids has this strange way of making time simultaneously go really quick and really slow. Some days we wake to greet a child who seems a year older than the night before and at the same time the week drags on forever.

Savoring life’s journey seems even more difficult and important in our modern, everything-at-our-fingertips society.

In our busy lives we’re accustomed to instant gratification and multi-tasking. The faster our lifestyles become, the more excruciating a child’s pace can seem.

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We could learn a lot from our children if we watched how they approach life’s journey, rather than rushing them to our next destination.

The mindfulness and attention…

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