Smart Baby Monitors vs. Conventional Monitors

Monitor comparisonAt Safesleep by MonBaby, we get excited about the future of wearable technology. What will it look like? What will it do? And most importantly, how will it make our lives easier and help keep our children safer?

However, we know not everyone shares our enthusiasm for new technology. Some are hesitant to break away from the time-tested tools they know so well, like conventional baby monitors. Conventional monitors do a great job helping parents track their babies, and have been a staple in nurseries for decades. However, they lack essential features for today’s connected world.

Today, big data is everywhere. We use it to help us make decisions, from where to eat to which doctor to see. And now, with the help of smart baby monitors, we can use it to keep watch on our babies and track their precise conditions, even when we’re not in the same room. This easy-to-read chart will give you a better understanding of the useful features of smart baby monitors.

Conventional Monitors Smart Monitors
Audio/video capabilities Most offer audio monitoring, some offer video monitoring Some offer audio/video capabilities, some do not in lieu of other features
Mobility Limited by wires Wireless; can go anywhere you go
Battery power  Powered by standard AA batteries Powered by small, long-lasting coin-cell batteries or rechargeable batteries
Connectivity Connect over radio frequency to a receiver in another room Connect over WiFi or bluetooth, transmit data directly to parent’s smartphone
Data recording None or very limited Easily tracks and stores data patterns, pointing out important warning signs. Easy to share with a physician.
Vital Signs No capabilities Able to track everything from a baby’s heartbeat to the faintest breath
Alert system  Audible alarm or the sound of a baby’s cry Alerts parents via audible alarm and via smartphone notification
Form factor Large and bulky, made of hard, heavy plastic Wearable, lightweight, one size fits all
Functionality  Single application: see and/or hear your baby Multiple applications and features you can turn on/off, many are customizable based on parents’ preferences

Mother_BabyA new baby comes with all kinds of new worries, including making sure your baby is sleeping safely! Learn more about how MonBaby Baby Breathing and Rollover Monitor in a Smart Button can help new parents follow the safe sleep recommendations.

It’s our firm belief that with more information, we’re able to make better and more informed decisions. Smart baby monitors arm us with the data we need to protect our children, make decisions about their health and rest at ease that our babies are sleeping safely.

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