Spanking Can Hurt Your Child More Than You Might Think, Study Says

toddler sitting on couch rubbing his eyes and crying

Physical punishment is not the way to go, the researchers say.

When it comes to spanking, it can feel as if everyone has a different opinion on how it might impact your children. While some parents might say that an occasional spank isn’t too bad, others say that it’s never acceptable. However, new research shows that the anti-spanking parents are definitely onto something.

Children who are “strongly punished” at 15 months demonstrate worse temperament and behavior later in childhood and into their teen years, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Developmental Psychology. They studied 15-month-olds and tracked their behaviors via surveys until they were in the fifth grade. The negative effects held true across racial and socioeconomic groups but impacted low-income black children the most strongly, according…

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