Studies Point To 2 Incredibly Simple Ways To Reduce C-Section Risk

pregnant women in sports bras

You probably know the stat by now: 1 in 3 babies are delivered via c-section. While labor complications and high-risk pregnancies can make this totally out of your control, researchers from the largest research project in the world to look at pregnancy lifestyle interventions found two c-section reducing interventions, in particular, that aren’t so hard to adapt.

After looking at 36 studies of 12,526 women, researchers determined that diet and exercise play a major role in c-section odds. By backing off sweetened beverages, eating more fruits and vegetables and switching to low-fat dairy, pregnancy weight gain drops by about 1 ½ pounds when paired with moderate exercise (the studies involved aerobic classes, stationary cycling and resistance training). In turn, c-section rates dropped by 10…

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