Summer Camp Visiting Day Do’s & Don’ts For Parents

Gate Hill Day Camp

Gate Hill Day Camp

Parents have waited all summer for visiting day. The date has been circled on the calendar, since the kids boarded the bus. And while this is an exciting moment for families, parents should keep in mind that each camp has their own guidelines, which they should be sure to read. Here, the American Camp Association, New York and New Jersey offers families some general tips for having a successful experience.

Do: Arrive on time.

Do: Read your camp’s policies on bringing outside food to camp. Some camps have campers with severe food allergies and don’t allow outside food on camp grounds.

Do: Limit the amount of food you bring to camp on visiting day if your camp allows it. Many camps will only allow your child to keep the food until the end of the day or only one day after visiting day, so excess food is wasteful.

Do: Participate in activities that the camp has arranged for the day. Adam Weinstein, director of Berkshire Hills Emanuel Camps, a coed residential summer camp in the southern Berkshire Mountains of New York, says: “Camp will nurture your child’s independence. Keep that momentum going…

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