The 10-week premature babies who pulled through… thanks to brilliant NHS care in three different hospitals

With their bright eyes and cheeky smiles, these twins look like any other babies about to celebrate their first birthday.

It’s hard to believe Diana and Elias Burghel were actually born exactly 10 weeks early.

It’s is only thanks to the work of staff at three different hospitals that they miraculously survived.

When the tiny tots were born they each weighed around three pounds, and were able to fit into the palms of their dad George’s hands.

Both of them had to be ventilated and suffered from a number of complications.

However, after receiving care at hospitals in Stockport, Tameside and Preston, they pulled through.

Doctors say they’re unlikely to suffer any long term effects.

The twins’ mum Heather, 28, a GP living in Stockport, said she and George were ‘overjoyed’ when she fell pregnant.

Having been born at Tameside Hospital herself, Heather decided she wanted to have her twins there.

Heather pictured with her twins when they were born 10 weeks early

But from 24 weeks she began suffering complications that saw her admitted to the hospital a number of times.

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