The 5 Best Sleeping Bags for Kids

sleeping bag roundup

No offense to summer, but early autumn is the prime camping season. There are fewer bugs. Campfire ghost stories seem scarier because of the crispness in the air. And, most importantly, the family sleeps better because it’s not 90 degrees and swarming with said bugs. But the quality of sleep a kid gets on a camping trip depends as much on the sleeping bag they crawl into than the temperature outside. Few pieces of gear are more integral to a young kid’s enjoyment of the nature — and you don’t want to shove them into an adult-sized bag.

It’s worth investing in a kid-sized sleeping bag for a couple of reasons — the main being practical: for a sleeping bag to work and feel warm, the body needs to heat up the air inside it. If there’s a lot of extra space in there, your body has more air to heat. And that can be hard for a little person.

Currently, all kids sleeping bags are made from synthetic insulation, which is warm when wet and less expensive. But it’s also somewhat heavier and bulkier. Most kids bags are rated between 15 and 40 degrees, which means that, so long you don’t go camping in the middle of winter, you should be good.

That said, we sifted through the best bags on the market and narrowed it down to five favorites ⏤ all of which are well suited for a range of outdoor activities from car camping, to backpacking, to a Saturday night stargazing in the backyard.

Big Agnes Wolverine 15

Big Agnes Wolverine 15

The warmest kids bag available, the Wolverine has all of the features of Big Agnes’ acclaimed adult bags, just sized for tots, kids, and teens. The mummy-shaped bag has a contoured hood (with a single-hand operable cord lock) that follows the shape of the head for a more comfortable fit. The collar has a draft-free zipper…

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