The 5-Minute Routine That Helps Me Transition From Mom to Boss (And Back Again)

Finding her center

We’ve all had those mornings when we get out of bed late, the kids don’t want to get dressed, and our child throws a tantrum when we leave her at daycare. We arrive at our office completely frazzled and fatigued, and its only 8 a.m.

On days like this, I used to sit down at my desk and dive into work in a frenzied and unfocused state of mind. I would stare at the pile of emails awaiting me with sad resignation. I’d try to carry myself through the day on fumes, never fully recovering from the mood of my morning. At the end of the day, the cycle would repeat; I’d carry the stress of work up to the door of the daycare and feel overwhelmed at the idea of going home to make dinner.

Then one morning, after a particularly challenging daycare drop off, I walked into my office and looked at my meditation pillow on the floor. It was there, in theory, to encourage me to take breaks at work, but thus far I hadn’t used it much since my first mindfulness workshop. I dropped my bags by my desk without turning on the office light, sat down on the pillow, and took a few deep breaths. It felt good, really good, so I grabbed my cell phone, popped on my meditation timer, and spent five minutes practicing deep breathing. Then I slowly stood up, put my computer on its docking station, and mindfully sat down in my chair. This was different. My frenzied state of mind had calmed.

That day I realized that these transition times were a barrier to achieving the presence of mind that would help me to move through my day more smoothly. Though I was…

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