The French Method That Completely Shifted My Parenting

Asian Chinese little sisters fighting over a laptop on the sofa in the living room at home.

My kids are two and four, such a dangerous age for siblings. It’s the age where Legos become weapons, stealing becomes second nature, and screams are louder than a volcanic eruption. I’m starting to wonder if my kids will ever get along?

I am constantly jumping into the heat of things:

“Stop bothering your sister…. Stop making your brother cry…. Stop stealing his toys!”

It’s truly and unforgivingly exhausting. Doing this constant referee thing only makes me irritable and adds to the heat of the moment. Instead of having two melting toddlers, we now have a cranky mom in the mix.

Life got a bit simpler after I adapted a popular French method into my parenting. I’m pretty sure every single mom in the world has used this method, but the French were the first to give it a name and make it doctor recommended.

Pamela Druckerman, author of “French Children Don’t Throw Food”, first introduced me to the Le Pause. Druckerman is an American woman living Paris and raising a family. She shares multiple differences between French and American parents, but it was the Le Pause that got my mommy brain thinking.

Le Pause is generally recommended to new mothers who are having trouble getting their babies to sleep through the night. After all, French babies sleep through the night by two months of age, so there must be something significant to this method.

Don’t be fooled, it’s very simple.

“When a French baby cries in the night, the parents go in,…

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