The Latest Inventors Preventing Hot Car Deaths? Tweens

Preventing child hot car deaths is top of mind for Bishop Curry. Heatstroke recently claimed the life of a 6-month-old who lived close to his home in McKinney, Texas. So Curry designed a mockup of a device that would both cool a child down and alert their parents in the event that they’re left in a car.

Curry is 11.

“This would be my one-way shot to actually helping people,'” Curry tells NBC News. While his device, which he calls Oasis, wouldn’t be the first to alert parents about their backseat passenger, it would be the first to activate a cooling mechanism to actually do something about heatstroke until help arrives.

Bishop Curry

Curry’s father is an engineer at Toyota. After learning about his design, the company sent Curry and his parents to the Toyota Technical Center in Detroit, where they watched vehicle safety tests. Curry has also presented his design to car seat manufacturers at the Center for Child Injury Prevention Conference.

“The cool thing about Bishop’s thinking is none of this technology is new,” Curry’s father tells local newspaper The Anna-Melissa Tribune. “We have things to alert our phone, we have ways to provide either cooling…

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