These 6 Tips Will (Almost) Have You Welcoming Diaper Duty

mom changing son's diaper

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If you were to catalog the things new parents look forward to when baby arrives, changing diapers would be pretty low on the list—maybe somewhere between middle-of-the-night feedings and that first round of shots. But the truth is, this messy task is one of the earliest and best ways to bond with baby (because it’s not like newborns are laughing at our jokes). Infants basically just want to eat, sleep and yes, get cleaned up after nature calls. So while you may never love changing baby’s diapers, there are tricks that can make the process at least a little more pleasant. And that’s good news for you, baby, and his precious little bum.

1. Set Up for Success

A changing area should be well outfitted from the moment baby comes home. That means lots of extra diapers, wipes, a tube of Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream to protect that delicate skin, and the all-important diaper pail. When everything is in place (and within arm’s reach), your focus can be on baby, not searching high and low for supplies.

2. Talk to Baby

Giving a play-by-play announcement may seem silly or awkward at first, but it really works, even for newborns. Talk to him in a peaceful, quiet voice as you go through your diaper-changing routine, explaining what’s happening and what you’re going to do next. If the diaper cream is a…

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