These Books Prove Princesses Are Awesome, but They’re Not What You Think


The princess genre of books is a category that might make you wince. While it’s fun to watch our children dress up like royalty and prance around, the themes often associated with princesses can be a bit disturbing. Stereotypical princess stories often follow the same general outline: princess in trouble, prince saves the day, they live happily ever after. I think we can safely say we’re way past needing to be rescued or being trapped in a preconceived box.

The books listed below prove princesses are awesome, but not in the way you think. Like today’s modern-day Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, or the forever beloved Princess Diana, not one is the traditional damsel-in-distress.


by Robert Munsch

This classic book shows that princesses are the perfect heroes. Princess Elizabeth is starry-eyed for Prince Ronald, and one day she intends to marry him. When he’s kidnapped by a wicked dragon and Elizabeth saves the day, things take a sour turn. Prince Ronald is not too pleased with her disheveled appearance or the reversal of roles. Will Elizabeth stick around and endure this maybe not so happily ever after? Or will she stay true to her messy, independent self?


by Cheryl Kilodavis

Dyson is different from the other boys. He loves sparkly things and dressing up like a princess. Sometimes he even wears his tiara when he’s climbing trees. This book helps communicate acceptance from a parental standpoint and encourages all readers to appreciate the most important person in our lives: ourselves.

“Kilodavis introduces the difficult themes of bullying and being different, based on the experiences of her…

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