These Gorgeous Mommies-To-Be Are Practically Mermaids

The excitement of becoming a new mommy is so much fun. Even with all the anxieties and pains that come along with the event, the overwhelming feeling is joy.

Many moms choose to capture that joy with professional photographs. There are many ways moms-to-be can go when choosing how to document their journey to motherhood. The outcome really depends on the photographer you choose.

Bobbi-Lee Hille of Blee Photography takes lovely maternity photos of all kinds. But one backdrop seems to pop out among the rest.

When she takes photos of moms-to-be in the ocean, it makes something totally magical. These glowing women basically turn into mermaids. Maybe mermaid maternity is the next big thing?

When asked why she likes to photographs expecting mommies this way, Bobbi-Lee…

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