These Parents Immediately Regretted Leaving Their Kids Alone For A Minute

Being a mom isn’t easy. Between keeping everyone fed, clothed, clean, and happy, you really just can’t catch a break.

And when you do, something is bound to go wrong!

These troublemaker kids all took the opportunity to get themselves into trouble when their parents turned their backs for a moment. And that’s really all that it takes: one quick moment with your back turned and all Hades can break loose!

Once you catch the kids making a mess or causing a raucous, there’s no choice but to laugh at what’s unfolding in front of you. After all, there are much more devastating things in life than a carpet covered in paint or a child coated in peanut butter.

What’s the craziest thing that your kids or grandkids ever did while you weren’t looking? Some of these kiddos really got creative with their troublemaking! My, my, I might have a hard time putting on a happy face if I were any of these kids’ parents.

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Bubbles everywhere!


When Mom is gone, Dad needs to make sure that he monitors how much bubble-bath liquid the kids use! Otherwise, he’s in for a quick and stealthy cleanup.

Who left the peanut butter on the bottom shelf?

Who left the peanut butter on the bottom shelf?

Honestly, this was bound to happen at…

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