This Book Has A Gourmet Recipe For Every Pregnancy Craving, & It’s Hilarious

Nearly every mom — or her partner — has a story about the wild and wacky food she craved during her pregnancy. Pickles and ice cream? Yep. Dijon mustard on everything? That’s a thing. Burnt matches? That is also, apparently, a draw for some women. Pregnancy cravings are clearly a universe unto their own — and two authors finally decided it was time for those cravings to be compiled into a proper collection. Meet Pickles and Ice Cream: A Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings Cookbook. This book has a gourmet recipe for every pregnancy craving out there, and it’s guaranteed to get you laughing. (And maybe cooking, too.)

Advertising professionals and authors Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues are the two geniuses behind the cookbook creation. They first came up with the idea after their pregnant friend told them she was sneaking out of bed to eat Oreos with toothpaste in the middle of the night, according to Today.

The book was released on July 11, and it’s already receiving…

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