This Fit Mom’s No BS Pregnancy Posts Totally Shut Down The Shamers

If you’re a mom looking to get in shape, social media can be a great source of inspiration — these days, it seems like there are an infinite number of buff fitness model mamas with seriously impressive Instagram feeds proving that it is actually possible to reach your post-pregnancy fitness goals, whatever they are. But while the popularity of Instagram “fit moms” has meant that many of them have thousands, if not millions, of followers, it’s also made them targets for some pretty intense online judgment, including plenty of snarky criticism about their bodies. But this fit mom’s Instagram post is a reminder that pregnancy body-shaming isn’t OK, and it’s an important message that holds true regardless of a woman’s size or shape.

33-year-old fitness model Sarah Stage is certainly no stranger to Instagram pregnancy trolls: according to People, she first made headlines in 2015, when her barely-there baby belly with her first son, James, earned her major backlash. Stage is now six months pregnant with her second child, and once again it’s almost impossible to tell — in a recent photo showing Stage posing in a bikini, her abs are still on full display. Stage’s posts have led to users accusing her of everything from being unhealthy to literally faking her pregnancy, but Stage says her bump is just one example of how everyone looks different while pregnant, and she’s urging anyone who doesn’t agree to take their negativity elsewhere.

In the photo’s caption, Stage wrote that she was looking for “positive vibes only,” and it’s no surprise why she felt the need to point that out. The pic itself garnered more than 79,000 likes, and lots of praise for her hard-earned figure, but also led to plenty of comments speculating over how it’s possible that she…

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