This Mom Had A Maternity Shoot During The Solar Eclipse & The Photos Will Take Your Breath Away

While the solar eclipse may have only had just a few minutes of totality over the United States, the moment has been captured for a lifetime for one mom-to-be in the most beautiful way. This mom had a maternity shoot during the solar eclipse and the photos from the day are absolutely breathtaking. Nichole Carver, a mom from Georgia, is due in October with a boy, Hudson. She had the amazing idea for the a solar eclipse maternity shoot and lucky for Carver, her mother-in-law is a professional photographer.

“We had 99.1 percent totality,” Carver told FOX 5 Atlanta. “I pitched the idea to her and she ran with it and the photo is out of this world amazing!” Lisa Cruikshank told Romper she had a lot to juggle to capture her daughter-in-law with the first total solar eclipse to cross the United States in nearly a century. “I didn’t have a solar filter for my lens, so I was struggling holding my glasses over my lens and trying not to look at the sun,” she said. You would never know Cruikshank faced any difficulty with the shoot, given how effortless the photos look. Carver, for her part, looks like a veritable moon goddess in the dimming light and a flowing teal dress.

Courtesy of Lisa…

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