Through the Looking Glass of Vacations

Woman looking at the view from train

Wasn’t it just barely spring? Somehow it’s now August, and I’m riding passenger, just at the beginning of our eight hour road trip home. My mind is crammed full with a week’s worth of new memories. Although to be fair, the most crammed thing right now is our CR-V.

As I watch the Adirondack mountains flatten into my beloved Midwest plains, I have a little (okay, a lot) of time to reflect on how I’ve changed as a vacationer. Family vacations have always been my favorite thing ever. Even as a teen, I never “outgrew” family vacations. In fact, that’s when our vacations intensified in adventure and risk taking.

Vacations meant fun, family, and food. What more could I want? My mother handled everything from the scheduling to the packing – every single detail was handled expertly by her. I literally had one job: have fun. I took that job to heart. But as I grew up, I carefully took note of what my mother did that made our vacations so smooth and peaceful. Nothing was left to chance, and she had backup plans for her backup plans.

Following in my mother’s footsteps

As a 20-year-old about to embark on a flight one third of the way around the globe for a study abroad, I found myself boarding a plane for the first time alone, in charge of my own tickets, with my own money. I was in charge of me. For the first time…

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