To Gain Perspective, Adapt These 5 Work-Related Tips to Your Parenting

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You’ve been working on a project for so long that it no longer makes sense. It no longer feels unique or revolutionary or even coherent. The brilliant idea that got you going in the first place now sounds inane. How did anyone think you were ever smart?

What is true in the workplace is true in parenting too. In the beginning, you’re running on endorphins and noble statutes that you feel certain will become the cornerstone of your family. The motivation is high. And then, a month or 12 years down the road, you’re calling everybody by the wrong name and not even pretending it matters.

There are ways to get unstuck from the parenting dead end. Professionals use tricks all the time to gain a fresh perspective on long-term projects. New York Magazine shared a few tips on how writer’s get past the block and it turns out they work pretty well for parents too. Here are five ways to help you gain a fresh perspective on your family when you need it most:

1 | Take a break from the problem and do what you can do

You’re in the middle of sleep regression or potty training or sixth grade algebra and you cannot see your way through to the end. That’s okay. Focus on what you can do: three meals a day, car naps, fifth grade math. Hitting your high notes in both work and parenting builds confidence that will help you can take the pressure off when everything’s not working perfectly. You have your strong points as a parent. Use them.

2 | Give it the hard sell

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