Ways to Find Out How Your Kids’ School Day Really Was

Every day after school, it’s the same thing. I meet my 5-year-old daughter at the bus, give her a big hug, and ask her how school was. I get the same answer, every single day: “Good.” And that’s it. No matter how many follow-up questions I ask, I always get stonewalled, and it sucks.

This is the first year I’ve ever had a child in full-day school, and I’m desperate for information about what she does in the seven hours she’s away from me every day. Are her classmates all nice to her? Is she developing any special friendships? Did she eat her lunch or just toss it? Does she feel excited about all she’s learning? Overwhelmed? For the much of first half of her kindergarten year, I had no idea. It was time for a plan.

Through personal trial and error, getting advice from friends with older kids, and some good old-fashioned perseverance, I’ve learned that there are ways to find out how your kid’s school day actually was. Although “how was your day?” probably won’t get you the intel you want, these strategies just might.

  1. Instead of asking the generic “How was school today,” get specific. Every parent has gotten the dreaded “fine,” as a reply to questioning how their child’s school day was. It just doesn’t inspire an interesting conversation. Instead, check out this list of 30 better questions, like “What was the nicest thing you did for someone today?” and “If aliens came to school and beamed up three kids,…

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