Webcams helping parents bond with premature babies



WEBCAMS are being used to help parents bond with premature babies.

One of the first studies world-wide in Glasgow found that placing cameras near incubators helped parents develop a closeness with their child as well as helping new mothers recover from the birth and produce breast milk.

Parents were given tablet computers on which video of their infant was streamed.

The mylittleone system is operating in a Scottish hospital, which cannot be named for confidentiality reasons but it is hoped the system could be rolled out.

Parents told researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University that the technology allowed them to,“feel that they were with their baby” even during periods of separation.

It also meant they were able to be more responsive to their babies’ needs – for example, seeing their baby, helped mothers to produce breast milk.

One mother said: “My partner loves it, just being able to see her all the time. “And my mum and dad thought it was a fantastic idea.

“Because our baby’s in neonatal they couldn’t visit her,…

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