What Are The Best Shoes For Pregnancy? Here Are 5 Comfy AF Options

Whether you’re chasing kids around the house, dressing up for a date night, or heading to the gym, shoes are the key to fashion and comfort. There are shoes for every occasion, so why not when you’re expecting too? When trying to figure outwhat are the best shoes for pregnancy, consider support as vital during this time, and find the right shoes to handle swelling or achey feet.

Although there aren’t many shoes specifically labeled as a maternity shoe, there are plenty of options available to help alleviate pain and aches. Not to mention, the right shoe should actually help with back, hip, and leg pain too, according to Parent Guide.

You don’t even have to look for a recommended brand of shoe either. Instead, you can head into a store to sift through shoes yourself if you know what important characteristics to find. First, you want to find…

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