What Causes A Metallic Taste In Your Mouth During Pregnancy? Blame It On Your Hormones



Pregnancy can unearth some of the weirdest symptoms you will ever feel. Along with crazy food cravings and aversions, some moms may find a metallic taste in their mouth that can be deeply annoying, especially if you are already dealing with the frustrations of morning sickness. So what causes a metallic taste in your mouth during pregnancy? If your mouth tastes like you ate a handful of loose change, try not to panic. Apparently it is actually pretty common and perfectly normal.

So what’s to blame for all this mischief in your mouth? It’s those pesky pregnancy hormones at it again. That metallic taste you sense is called dysgeusia, and according to Dr. Muneer Ahmad of Cape Health Care, it is caused by the fluctuation of pregnancy hormones, specifically estrogen — a hormone that helps modulate your senses of taste and smell. Many experts believe that estrogen is to blame when it comes to your sense of taste, explained Pregnancy Corner, and when you get pregnant, your fluctuating estrogen levels can mess up the relationship between your senses of smell and taste. The rapid increases and decreases of estrogen in your body can lead to morning sickness and food cravings or aversions, along with the weird tastes in your mouth.


During pregnancy, dysgeusia caused by hormonal changes may change your taste buds in more ways than one, explained Healthline. As if the feeling like you just sucked on a penny is not enough, Healthline noted that dysgeusia might even leave a salty, burnt, rancid, or foul taste in your mouth. Pregnancy…

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