What Happens To Your Body If You’re Pregnant & Dehydrated? Experts Weigh In

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When you’re pregnant, every season brings its own medical challenges: allergies in the spring, flu in the fall, colds and pneumonia in the winter, and dehydration in the summer. When those warm weather months start rolling, gestating women have to be extra cautious about their exposure to the heat and sun. But exactly what happens to your body if you’re pregnant and dehydrated?

According to Dr. Yvonne Bohn of Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, the biggest risk may be the fact that dehydration carries the potential to start contractions. Bohn explains to Romper, “When a pregnant woman is dehydrated, the body will release an anti-diuretic hormone to help conserve fluid. This hormone has a similar structure to Oxytocin, so women can have uterine contractions stimulated by dehydration. It is risky if it leads to preterm birth.”

The most common sign of dehydration is mild cramping. In fact, many women experience cramps throughout their entire pregnancy without realizing their bodies…

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