What’s the best way to treat diaper rash?


preventing and treating diaper rash

How do I prevent and treat diaper rash at home?

Many babies have very sensitive skin that gets irritated easily. Diaper rash cannot always be prevented 100%, but you can take steps to try to avoid it.

The skin usually gets irritated when it is in contact with stool for an extended period of time, so changing your baby right after they have a bowel movement will minimize that irritation.

Using barrier creams that contain zinc oxide form a layer between your baby’s skin and any possible irritants and protect it as well. If you are not able to manage your baby’s diaper rash at home using over the counter creams, take your child to see their pediatrician.

What’s “normal” when it comes to diaper rash? At what point should I be concerned or see a doctor?

Diaper rash is very common, but whenever you notice it it should be treated as it can be very uncomfortable for your baby. Most children can be treated adequately by barrier creams and ointments you can buy at the store without consulting a pediatrician.

If the rash does not improve after a week or the skin starts to break down, take your child to see their pediatrician.

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