When Can You Feel Your Baby Move? Get Ready, Soon-To-Be Moms

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For me, feeling my baby move was by far my favorite part of pregnancy. At least, that is, until I had to endure kicks to the bladder all day long. I found it really reassuring to feel those kicks and punches, though, because for as beautiful as pregnancy is, it can also be totally nerve-wracking and stressful and terrifying. You continue to worry and wonder, until you start feeling those flutter and kicks across your uterus each day. So, when can you feel your baby move and know that they are doing fine? Turns out, it might be sooner rather than later, so get ready, mom-to-be.

According to experts at BabyCenter, when you feel the first flutters or kicks of you baby moving depends entirely on you and your body, with most moms-to-be feeling their babies move sometime between 16 and 22 weeks gestation. Different factors, such as being a first-time mom, your body type, or whether you have an anterior placenta can impact when it happens for you, though. Because every body and pregnancy is be different, the American Pregnancy Association (APA) warns moms-to-be to not compare their experience to others’ or to their previous pregnancies, and to remember that as in most things related to pregnancy, the “normal” time to start feeling baby kicks is a pretty wide range — anywhere from 13 to 25 weeks gestation. In other words, you can have a general idea of when to expect an internal bump here or there, but don’t worry if 13 weeks comes and goes without so much as a flutter. Your baby, like you, is unique.


According to BabyCenter, most moms-to-be can expect to begin feeling their…

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