When Do You Hire A Doula During Pregnancy? They Can Be Hugely Supportive

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Once you turn a pregnancy test, there are a lot of moving parts to consider and timelines to hit. You’ll have appointments to make, healthcare providers to reach out to, and childbirth classes to organize. Some stuff, like buying baby clothes, can wait a few weeks, but when do you hire a doula during pregnancy? It’s not like you need one right away, right? Turns out, if you’re planning on having one on your birth team when D-day arrives, you won’t want to wait too long.

Most people think of a doula as a birthing coach and assume that they’re only with you when you’re actually giving birth. They are especially helpful with providing relaxation and breathing techniques, laboring positions, and giving massages to help you manage pain during childbirth. Doulas are also helpful for your partner and can show them how to be supportive of you. But doulas can provide so much more support than just during labor — they can help before and after your baby is born as well.

The American Pregnancy Association (APA) noted that most doula-client relationships begin

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