Why I Switched Pediatricians After the First Visit

Cute baby boy lying down at the doctor office and female doctor listening to his heartbeat with stethoscope

When I was pregnant with my first son, I carefully tracked his development and the corresponding things I needed to do using one of the popular online pregnancy trackers.

At 12 weeks, we announced his impending arrival to our friends and extended family. At 16 weeks, we created a baby registry. At 24 weeks, we started compiling baby supplies and nursery basics and, at 30 weeks, we began the search for a pediatrician.

Relatively new to the city, I did my most of my research online. I asked around on the local mom’s boards and on my Facebook page. I checked out different offices websites and, after hearing recommendations for one particular doctor over and over again, I called the office and was excited to find that he was taking new patients.

When I told my OB who I’d selected, she gave me a big thumbs up and shared that he was always her top recommendation. As my due date approached, I felt comfortable that my babe would be well taken care of when he finally arrived.

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My son was born on his due date after a fast and furious labor. He was unexpectedly large and expectedly adorable. The next two days in the hospital were a whirlwind of exhausted joy. We marveled at the little person we’d created, asked our nurses endless questions, and I practiced breastfeeding.

When the time came for our pediatrician to examine our baby and sign him out of the hospital, he was a no show. Instead, an on-call pediatrician from the hospital checked us out and told us our baby was as healthy as could be. Disappointed that we hadn’t met the pediatrician, I also understood that doctors keep busy schedules and often get caught up seeing more pressing patients.

At home, my husband and I quickly began to understand just how exhausting a newborn can be. We also noticed that our baby’s skin was starting to turn yellow. While we didn’t realize the severity of the issue at first, we soon understood that we needed to go to the doctor immediately.

Postpartum hormones had me in tears on and off as we made our way across town. Pain from a difficult delivery left me wincing with every step once we arrived. I was also painfully engorged and leaking milk down the front of my…

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