Why It’s So Dangerous to Make Your Child Happy All the Time

You love your kids, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. Lianne Avila is sharing why a little disagreement is good for both parent and child in this article, which was originally featured on one of our favorite sites, YourTango.

You and your child don’t have to agree on everything.

Everybody wants to make their children happy. But trying to make your children happy all the time is a bust. Nobody is happy all the time. You don’t want to teach your child that they must feel happy all the time. It’s easy to make that mistake.

You want your child to have all of the things you didn’t have growing up, but this will give them a false sense of security and will backfire.

You and your child don’t have to agree on everything. If you’ve been a parent for a while, then you may already know this.

You may have enjoyed playing sports when you were a child. But, your child doesn’t seem to have much of an interest. Maybe, your child enjoys playing the piano or doing art. That’s alright. You put unnecessary pressure on your child when you expect them to like the same things you do.

This is also known as having differences. When it’s alright for you and your child to have differences, you are teaching your child that they don’t have to be like everyone else.

As a human being, you are complex and you are always changing. That’s alright. Your child needs to learn the value of accepting others the way they are.

Here are 5 benefits of accepting what makes your child happy, even if you don’t feel the same, and why it’s dangerous to make your child happy all the time:

1. Your child won’t buy into the myth that you must always be happy.

In our culture, it’s easy to feel like everyone is always happy. This can make your child feel bad when they don’t always feel happy.

As human beings, we have a variety of emotions. You feel sad, angry, or overwhelmed. This is actually normal. Let your child learn to express all of their feelings.

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