Why Millennials Might Just Make the Best Parents

Millennials get a bad rap, and boy do you know it. You’re a millennial, and it seems like everyone from your grandmother to your Gen X big sis thinks your generation is totally tech-obsessed and narcissistic to the zillionth degree. Well… maybe you’ve been known to post more than a few selfies on IG. But that was before you grew up and became a parent. Shrugging off the self-obsessed stereotype, millennials are proving that they actually make pretty rad parents — here’s why!

A mother checks a cookbook as she holds her baby

1. Older Parents: Millennials may not be old. But they’re shaping up to be the oldest generation of parents. The average age that a woman has her first child is on the rise, according to the CDC. Between 2000 and 2014, the average age of a first-time mama rose by 1.4 years. That might not seem like a lot (it went from 24.9 to 26.3 years), but an increase in age gives parents an added chance to start a career, build some financial stability, and grow up — at least, a bit.

2. Wired in to Knowledge: Your own mother had a book, a PTA meeting once a month, and… that was pretty much it when it came to parenting guidance. Then there’s you. Sure, you spend hours on FB, IG, and all over the internet. That doesn’t make you tech-crazy. Or if it does, it also makes you completely on top of everything that is parenting. You’re all about reading parenting…

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