Why This Mom Is Not Teaching Her Son How To Read

mom reading to baby boy

Reactions from other parents are mixed

Crystal Lowery is not teaching her 5-year-old son how to read.

She’ll still read him plenty of books, but all that sounding-it-out and phonics? It’s not a priority right now.

“Don’t get me wrong; we read him books all the time,” she writes on Facebook. “We’ve imagined ourselves in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and we’re 170 pages into Harry Potter’s Chamber of Secrets. We’re teaching him to enjoy stories, to get lost in characters. But we’re not teaching him how to read. Not just yet. He’s too busy learning other things.”

She explains he’s learning how to play fair in Candy Land. Legos are teaching him how to build. He gets up close and personal with ecosystems outdoors. And he’s learning how to apologize.

Lowery says that right now, her son is learning by doing.

“He’s learning how to take care of his things. Through trial and error (oh, so much error!) he has seen what happens when he leaves a book out in the rain, or a lump of Play Doh on the table overnight. He’s learning that you can’t roughhouse with an 8-pound Pekingese.”

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