Will the Future of Parental Leave Include Grandparents?

grandfather holding baby

While America is still fighting the battle to make parental leave accessible for everyone, one country in Europe is moving on to grandparents. DNA, a teleoperator in Finland, is trying out a system of paid leave for any employee who becomes a grandparent and a woman named Maarit Jakobsson was the first employee to take advantage of the program. Jakobsson took a week of leave earlier this summer after the birth of her ninth grandchild and loved getting to spend quality time with her family. This is still a new program and it isn’t clear if it will last, but if it proves to be a success, could the future of paid family include grandparents?

The concept of someone getting time off for becoming a grandparent might seem foreign to us, but Finland is extremely progressive when it comes to family and paid leave. The Finnish…

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