Youngest Premature baby saved through surgery led by a Pakistani Doctor

Paediatric Surgeon Zahid Mukhtar at the St Georges Hospital in Tooting saved premature baby Abi Peters when she was born at 23 weeks. Abi was born last year on October 26 underweight and with a severe gut condition and needed surgery to save her life.

At just six days old Zahid led a team of doctors who performed the surgery on her which saved her life, and she was the youngest child to survive the surgery, in a world first. The baby was not even a week old and was diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis and was immediately put on life support after her birth.

The fact that such a young baby survived the surgery is a testament to Dr. Zahid’s passion for what he does and his talent as a doctor.

Meet Doctor Zahid Mukhtar

Zahid was born in a village in the Pakistani Himalayas. He says that he wanted to become a doctor from a young age when his 3-year-old sister died from diarrhea. He feels like…

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