Mom Writes Essay About Benefits Of Co-Parenting; Internet Calls Her Selfish

Mom Writes Essay About Benefits Of Co-Parenting; Internet Calls Her Selfish.
When a marriage goes sour, it can get tricky (and painful) when the kids get involved.
Parents worry about keeping their little ones from the conflict of divorce, so for some, co-parenting and splitting the time of parenthood becomes the solution to a tough situation.
And while the myth that half of marriages end in divorce isn’t quite true, co-parenting is far from an unusual response to the difficulties of divorce.
Why, then, did one mom draw angry crowds of internet trolls when she wrote an essay about it?
When lawyer and writer Lara Bazelon recently penned an article for Slate about co-parenting’s positive effect on her motherhood, some praised her for her honesty about spending less time with her children.
The vicious comments left after the story, though, demonstrated how much judgment a co-parenting mom who talks publicly about her experiences can face.
For her, this is the perfect amount of time.
Although she was originally devastated every time the children left to stay with their father, she says each successive transition felt less sad.
They pounced on the passages in which she writes that that divorce and shared custody suits her because it allows her to take time for herself to write, work and be with her friends instead of dealing with temper tantrums and constantly cleaning up after her children.They called her self-absorbed and a “narcissist trying to pretend what she thinks is best for her is best for everyone else.” Some went as far to call her a “sociopath.” For all the mean people on the Internet, though, lots of other people came to Bazelon’s defense, in the comments section and elsewhere.