Telemundo’s Review of MonBaby, Snuza and SafeSleep Movement Monitor for Babies

Nuevo dia clipMonBaby was featured on Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Dia, a national morning show.


Here’s a translation for our English-speaking viewers:

Telemundo’s Raúl García and Adamari López discuss how important it is for parents to have viable ways to monitor their children. New technology has presented exciting new options to give parents more peace of mind. Two such devices are MonBaby and Snuza.

Raúl introduces MonBaby, a smart button that can clip onto any article of clothing. He demonstrates its features and explains that it is available in three colors. He’s sure to explain that since it’s made entirely out of plastic, there’s nothing that can pinch or hurt the baby.

Raúl demonstrates the correct way to place MonBaby on an infant, with one piece under the baby’s clothing and the other piece on the outside. He explains that when you leave your baby in his or her crib, you can monitor their movement through the MonBaby app on your smartphone.

He explains that MonBaby can monitor a child’s movements and allows parents to tell if the baby has flipped onto his or her stomach. Adamari notes that this is important since most pediatricians recommend placing babies to sleep on their backs instead of their tummies. Raúl closes the segment on MonBaby by explaining that it also allows parents to monitor their baby’s breathing movements.

Raúl and Adamari introduce a second baby monitor called Safe Sleep. This monitor tracks the baby’s breathing pattern while he or she sleeps. Raúl mentions that with it works with your smartphone, it also comes with a remote that works as the app.

Adamari and Raúl introduce the third baby monitor, the Snuza movement monitor. Raúl explains that the Snuza attaches to the baby’s diaper and is primarily meant to alert parents if the baby isn’t breathing by being in contact with the baby’s belly and tracking breathing patterns.

Snuza movement monitor alerts if the baby isn’t breathing for longer than 15 seconds and vibrates to stir the baby. Raúl notes that the vibration does not stir the baby, a jarring alarm will sound, which can be scary. Adamari comments that something similar happened to her with her own child. Raúl explains that many moms complain about it, and it is usually because the device has fallen off.

Adamari ends the segment by showing off the pink MonBaby button and exclaiming that she’s ready to own one of her own.