Types of baby sleepwear

It seems sound reasoning to dress your infant for sleep as comfortably as possible so that you can both catch some Zzz’s at night. But did you know that some sleepwear can be dangerous for young babies? There are a variety of baby sleepwear options, many of which are safe for newborns.

Baby sleepwear options

Choosing safe baby sleepwear should be a priority, especially for newborn babies. But there is not one single option that is the best choice for everyone. Experimenting with different baby sleepwear can help you find something you both love. Here are some options:

  • Sleeper gown – These comfortable one-piece pajamas look like a onesie, only instead of three snaps at the bottom, sleeper gowns extend past baby’s feet and have an elastic hem at the bottom. The wonderful thing about sleeper gowns is that middle-of-the-night diaper changes are a cinch; no fussing with snaps or zippers while you have a crying baby.
  • Footed pajamas – As the name suggests, footie pajamas are tight-fitting onesies that cover your baby’s feet. They can be secured by snaps, zippers, or buttons and are made from a variety of material.
  • Sleep sacks (wearable blankets, baby sleeping bags) – Sleep sacks are primarily used for layering and are a great option for sleeping newborn babies. They look like a bag with arm and head holes and a zipper down the front to take your baby in and out. A sleep sack acts as a safe wearable blanket that cannot work its way up around baby’s head and face, even for tiny wiggle-worms.
  • Swaddle sleepers – Many newborn babies really love to be swaddled. It helps them feel safe, warm, and secure, much like when they were in mother’s womb. Swaddle sleepers are similar to sleep sacks with the addition of wraps that secure to each side, helping baby feel cozy and sleep longer through the night.

Age-appropriate choices

Your baby’s age in important to consider when selecting baby sleepwear. Infants under the age of 12 months (and under 4 months especially) are most susceptible to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Never put a blanket on your sleeping baby at this age. Instead, layer baby sleepwear to keep your little one at a comfortable temperature. If your baby’s cheeks are flushed during sleep, it could mean he is too warm, a risk factor for SIDS. Once your infant celebrates his first birthday, he is ready to sleep in any clothing that is comfortable and can have a blanket in his crib.

Garment safety tips

When purchasing baby sleepwear for infants, make sure the pajamas aren’t loose enough that they could come up over baby’s head while sleeping, as this could suffocate baby. Loose clothing and other objects placed with a sleeping baby in a crib (such as a blanket, stuffed animal, or toy) have been linked to SIDS. Cotton is a breathable material and is perfect for layering and for warm weather. During cooler weather, layer cotton pajamas under fleece zip-up pajamas or sleep sacks. Sleepwear designed for children of any age should be tight-fitting and/or flame resistant, which a tag attached to the garment will indicate.

As long as you choose sleepwear that is appropriate for your baby’s age, is tight-fitting and/or flame resistant, and will keep your baby at a comfortable sleeping temperature, your infant will be well on his way to safe, happy sleep.

What type of baby sleepwear do you prefer to use? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Sources: https://sleep.org/articles/what-babies-should-wear-to-sleep/

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