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Mondevices Inc. is looking for a senior iOS and/or Android developer to work on a mobile application for a novel wearables product. You must have extensive experience working with Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, such as with iBeacon devices, and a sufficient knowledge of firmware. We are developing Monbaby – a baby monitor in a button. It’s a product that helps parents monitor the sleep of their newborn babies. The product communicates with the parents’ smartphones over Bluetooth Low Energy. The work includes building and enhancing features of the application that would work with the MonBaby product. The individual will start building and developing an iOS application to focus on the stability, ease of use, UX and performance of an iOS application followed by the additional Android work. Mondevices is a startup with functioning, award-winning product. We are currently going through the manufacturing stage and launching the product soon. We had a successful Kickstarter campaign, have ongoing pre-orders, won international prizes and received national media attention (New York Times, Fox News). Often there are hard deadlines and time to market is crucial. We need a skilled programmer to help us to deliver in this environment. We are mostly looking for consultants. It is very important for the candidate to be the owner of the problem, to be able to figure out requirements and to be proactive and tenacious in delivering the best solution. Strong wearables experience or knowledge is helpful, but not required; regardless, the candidate must have a strong desire to learn.  Excellent communication skills are a must.


  • At least 5 years of professional mobile and iOS development experience
  • Experience in iOS Core-Bluetooth, Bluetooth protocols and technologies
  • Strong Objective-C skills with emphasis on stability, ease of use and performance
  • Knowledge of core Java
  • Strong understanding of mobile applications design and best practices.
  • Experience in developing Android applications
  • Excellent communicator that is results-oriented and requires little guidance
  • Good understanding of algorithms, data processing and data structures

Additional Skills

  • Knowledge of messaging technologies and platforms
  • Experience in iOS Core-Plot
  • Experience with connectivity to 8051 MCU based wearables, such as CC2540
  • Knowledge of high level programming and scripting languages, such as python, perl or matlab
  • Troubleshooting and experience with crash log tools, such as crashalytics
  • Bit-bucket or git hub experience
  • Experience with backend server (aka cloud) programming


Mondevices Inc. is an early start-up. The leading candidate will have the upside of becoming an early team member of an up-and-coming start-up, plus a competitive compensation.

About Mondevices

Mondevices Inc. is a device design and development company, focused on improving quality of life with wearable technologies and data algorithms. The position is a consulting position and is based in midtown Manhattan.