MonBaby Tech Specs

We’ve worked hard to ensure that MonBaby is the most innovative digital baby monitor on the market. The safety and reliability of our products is our top priority, and we consistently strive to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with their MonBaby.


Inside the MonBaby button is a circuit board containing tiny surface mount electronic components. These components incorporate the latest digital technology, including a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, also known as Bluetooth Smart) microprocessor chip. This provides MonBaby’s wireless connection to an iPhone or Android phone. It’s like a miniature computer running at high speed, continuously monitoring your baby and relaying the information to your mobile device.


BLE technology emits 1,000 times less radio frequency power (RF power) than a typical cell phone. Our goal in selecting this technology was to keep the child safe with nearly non-existent RF exposure from the device. In certain environments, especially homes with certain wall materials, electrical noise and large obstacles, the range of the device may at times be more limited than in the vast majority of homes.


The MonBaby circuit board also incorporated a precision 14-bit, three axes accelerometer sensor chip, which communicates directly with the BLE microprocessor chip.


We run a continuous improvement program and are diligently working to develop our software and firmware to provide WiFi and internet access, which will allow 3G and 4G mobile MonBaby connectivity via the internet.

Any onesie or pajama works. No need to buy a new MonBaby as your child grows! One size fits all.

Bluetooth® technology is simple, low power, secure, and everywhere. You can find it in billions of devices ranging from mobile phones and computers to medical devices.

No daily charging. No wires. Just a standard coincell battery.

No daily charging. No wires. Just a standard coincell battery.

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