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MonBaby Smart Application Features

The MonBaby baby monitoring app works in tandem with your MonBaby Smart Button to provide up-to-the-second alerts on your baby breathing movements, sleep position and more. The application is available for Apple (iPhone / iPad) and Android (i.e. Samsung) devices and can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Play Market.



Using the MonBaby app, parents can select which alerts they’d like to receive about their baby from the MonBaby monitor. Monitor the faintest movements of your baby’s breath, check his or her sleep position (on the back versus on the stomach), keep tabs on your child’s proximity and detect falls.


Customizable Alerts

Use the app to turn alerts on or off based on what is important to you. Unlike other baby monitors, which require parents to remember to check in on their baby, MonBaby and its complementary app actively alert you if something is wrong, sending an audible alarm to your smartphone.

Any onesie or pajama works. No need to buy a new MonBaby as your child grows! One size fits all.

Bluetooth® technology is simple, low power, secure, and everywhere. You can find it in billions of devices ranging from mobile phones and computers to medical devices.

No daily charging. No wires. Just a standard coincell battery.

The sensor on the smart button is precise enough to detect the faintest movements caused by baby’s breathing.


All parents know that babies move fast! With MonBaby’s proximity alarm, you can be sure your baby is still in the proper play area.


The sensors on the smart button are precise enough to detect the faintest movement caused by a baby’s breathing. The MonBaby app will let you know if no movement is detected for 15 seconds.


Your child’s first steps are very exciting, but can also be stressful. MonBaby’s fall detection alarm will alert you if your baby falls down.


MonBaby takes a proactive approach to monitoring by sending breathing and activity data to parents real-time, and providing an audible alert to get your attention.


The MonBaby smart button sends real-time updates five times per second directly to your smartphone via the MonBaby app.


Be sure your baby is sleeping in the safest position – on her back. You can opt to receive an audible alarm on your smartphone every time your baby rolls onto her stomach.