Are there any plans to add a video component?

Yes. We’re working to partner with an existing baby monitor vendor to integrate MonBaby with a video baby monitor.

Can the app connect to the internet via the phone or another device?

This function will be available as a premium feature. For a small subscription fee, parents will be able to see the baby stats on a dashboard, download the data and in the near future to monitor the baby remotely when they’re away from home.

Can the baby unpin or unsnap MonBaby, making it a choking hazard?

MonBaby’s inner enclosure is 1.3 inches in diameter, bigger than the 1.25 inches required to pass a choking tube test. Also, MonBaby measures activity levels. Parents can setup an alarm for a spike in activity that would indicate the baby is playing with the device.

Does MonBaby have multiple sensors or a single sensor?

MonBaby contains a single, high-precision MEMS accelerometer that monitors the baby’s breathing from chest movements and rolling over through sensor orientation.

Does the button require medical certification?

The MonBaby is a consumer electronic product, NOT a medical device and thus does not require FDA certification.It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).The MonBaby cannot replace proper parental supervision.

Does this product have an audio monitor?

The current version does not have an audio monitor. We opted to start with a Minimum Value Product and add features and functionality later on. We’re planning to add a microphone in our next generation product.

How do proximity and fall detection work?

Proximity is determined by the range of Bluetooth antenna. It’s a circular area of up to 40 ft in the line of sight, depending on electromagnetic interference. When the device approaches the range limit, an alarm sounds. Fall detection measures a fall from 3-4 ft to the ground.

How do you guarantee that MonBaby won’t detach from my child’s clothing?

We cannot make a 100% guarantee that MonBaby will not detach. The technology does not replace responsible parental supervision. That said, we’ve gone to great lengths to create a tight snap that fits snugly. MonBaby is designed to be challenging for an adult to unsnap, therefore it would be very difficult for the baby to remove. Parents can also enable an alarm that monitors large movements, detecting the moment a baby tries to take it off.

How does the attachment work physically?

MonBaby consists of 2 parts, a button and a shell. The shell goes underneath the clothing and the button on top. The two parts are snapped together, trapping the clothing in between. The thickness of the material reinforces the attachment.

How does your product differ from your competitors?

MonBaby is different in its universal form factor. It can be attached to any typical article of baby clothing, which comes in handy when you wash onesies and t-shirts. You can snap it off the baby’s dirty clothing and snap on a fresh one. It’s also useful for all ages, not only to newborns. Seniors and elderly parents can benefit from wearing MonBaby as well.

Is it possible to get an app for both parents? I have an android and my wife is on iOS.

Yes. Both Android and iOs apps are free to download.

Is it waterproof and washable?

The MonBaby button is not waterproof, though it is splash resistant. If baby throws up or makes a mess on the button, it can be washed with the battery tightly closed under running water. You can’t drop it in the sink or wash it in the washing machine.

Is MonBaby’s breathing monitoring accurate?

Yes, under certain conditions. We’ve concentrated our efforts on finding breathing rate and detecting the absence of breath under conditions where a baby is sleeping in a stationary crib. Breath monitoring will NOT work in a moving car or in a swing.

That being said, the sleeping orientation monitoring will work on a moving surface, even in your hands. In fact, when you are changing the baby, we advise to hit the alarm snooze button. Otherwise you may receive a rollover alarm.

What about radiation safety concerns?

Radiation of radio frequency (RF) devices is measured by Special Absorption Rate (SAR). It is defined as the power absorbed per mass of tissue and has units of watts per kilogram (W/kg). A general rule of thumb is that higher emission power increases the SAR measurement.

Cellphones in US are limited to 1.6W/kg by regulation
Apple iPhone 4: 1.17W/kg
Baby monitors range between 0.01-0.08W/kg
Bluetooth devices about 0.001W/kg

There is no public measurement data found for BLE yet, but given BLE has even lower power emission than Bluetooth, the SAR number should be very insignificant comparatively.
A BLE device like MonBaby has 10-80 times less radiation than a standard baby monitor.

What battery do you use and how long does it last?

MonBaby is powered by a simple CR2032 “coin-cell” lithium battery, like the one used in a wrist-watch. The battery lasts about 200 hours under continuous use or almost 4 weeks under the typical usage, with parents turning the device on only for the night.

What kind of plastic is used for the button? Is it safe for babies?

Most parents are very interested in the materials used in any product that is going to come in contact with their child. We encourage you to do as much research as possible in order to make the best informed decision. The material we use is ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), which is used in the production of common toys like Lego bricks.

Why not make the data-set available to researchers in the future?

We are working on extending our backend to include open API functionality in the near future.

Would I be able to monitor my baby from any part of my home?

MonBaby antenna range is up to 35 to 40 feet in the line of sight, depending on radio noise and surrounding wall material. In the absence of the noise it could go up to 200 feet but that rarely happens even in suburbs.

A few of our customers have had trouble with limited range of Monbaby, which we’d like to address. Specifically for those customers we have developed a Bluetooth-to-WIFI bridge, the monBridge. If you would like to find out more or request one, please contact us at support@mondevices.com.

We are using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), also known as Bluetooth Smart technology. The main reason for using this technology is the extremely low Radio Frequency (RF) output power transmitted from our device. MonBaby is more than 10 times lower in output power than the official FCC and IC regulated maximum, guaranteeing no effect on your baby whatsoever. A second advantage is an extended battery life.

Each household is different with varied construction materials, varied electrical interference and differing obstacles in the path between the MonBaby device and the connecting mobile phone. We have run extensive research and testing, including a brand new design, and have come to the conclusion that MonBaby is optimized for maximum BLE range.