The Team

MonBaby is the debut product from MonDevices, a team of technologists, engineers and data analysts that are passionate about improving quality of life through wearable technology. MonDevices is based in New York City.


Lev Grzhonko

Founder & CEO

An economics graduate of UC Berkeley and the Harvard University. Successful serial entrepreneur, former founder of AdoTube.


Arturas Vaitaitis

Founder & CTO

Art is the inventor of MonBaby and directs all technological development at MonDevices. He holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from Columbia University, as well as a patent in the IT industry and over 50 scientific publications.

Eugene Dotsenko

Chief Operating Officer

With a BA in Economics and a JD/MBA, Eugene joined the MonDevices team in 2015 bringing with him solid experience with an emphasis on legal, financial, HR, administrative and managerial functions

Brian Mondry


BA Communications Temple University providing expertise in brand & marketing strategy.

Simon Dawes

Chief Engineer

Bachelor in Electronics (Cambridge, UK). Production Engineering and Customer Service Management in State of the Art Semiconductor High Tech equipment industry. Hardware and Software design.

Jason Sussman

Jason Sussman

Operations Manager

Graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English Literature. Experienced in operations and production management for over 15 years.

and, of course,

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