Barbara Corcoran Shark TankLast Friday, December 5th, Mondevices CTO and Monbaby inventor Arturas Vaitaitis was invited on ABC’s Good Morning America to appear in a segment featuring Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank.

Corcoran is a well-known American businesswoman and investor, and MonBaby Smart Button™ was selected to be one of 15 inventions to have a chance to pitch to her.

Shark Tank 15 inventionsThe whole episode had a Christmas theme, and the crew and the other inventors on the show were very cheerful and supportive.

“Barbara was impressed with MonBaby and had such kind things to say about it. The audience loved our product as well and was very encouraging,” said Vaitaitis.

Arturas Vaitaitis

“This was the first time I was inside a studio was able to see all of the inner workings of a morning show production firsthand.”

Vaitaitis explained that the studio was divided into different sections. While one section was being filmed, the next was preparing for the upcoming segment. Cameras were located in the center of the room and easily rotated between the sections.

“During the transition, the cameras are switched to the outside crowd or to pre-recorded video clips,” he said. “After the segment, we were treated to watching an interview with Cameron Diaz. It was a very interesting glimpse inside the workbench of TV studio.”