New York Times tech reporter Molly Wood recently featured MonBaby in a video report on ‘The Connected Baby’. Her report details the rising popularity of wearable devices for infants and their usefulness for parents in today’s connected world.

“The MonBaby… is basically a button that you can snap onto the baby’s clothes while she’s sleeping, and it tracks breathing and movement,” Wood explained, demonstrating the product on a colleague’s adorable son.

Wood showcased how wearables like MonBaby are a wonderful new tool to give parents peace of mind and keep tabs on their children from another room. The added benefit of a smartphone app allows moms and dads to get instant alerts on their child’s well-being, even when they’re away from home.

She pointed out that while helpful, wearable devices are no substitute for quality parental care and regular doctor visits. We couldn’t agree more!

We’re so pleased the New York Times featured MonBaby, but we should point out that the product is actually snapped on upside down in their video (whoops!).

For correct results, MonBaby should be attached with the white shell under the clothing and the button on top.